Magnetic Particle Courses


Magnetic Particle Testing Course Level I/II – 20 Hours


Magnetic Particle Testing and Liquid Penetrant Testing is usually performed in addition to a volumetric NDT. It is limited clone rolex daytona 116589 mens mingzhu engine black dial to those materials that can be effectively magnetized. Ferromagnetic particles are applied to the test surface of the magnetized parts and align themselves in areas of magnetic flux leakage – indicating the presence of discontinuities. There are many techniques that make MT suitable for a wide range of parts with various shapes and sizes. MT can be performed with portable equipment or stationary systems.

Course Outline

Basic Principles & Theory
Characteristics of Magnetic Fields
Effects of Discontinuities
Electric Currents
Proper Magnetic Field Selection
Inspection Materials
Principles of Demagnetization
Testing Equipment
Materials Processes

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